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We will: photoshoot your property/products, retouch, fix distortion, correct colour, and upload completed results to the web, where you will have a: Personalized Property/product Website, Image Slideshow, Photo Gallery List View & Thumbnail View (to list them on MLS® or other resources), have a Neighbourhood Map, plus more starting for just $125.

About us

As is the founder and CEO of OTIDO Solutions, a solution for Real-Estate and Product Presentation professional Visual Presentation needs.

Real Estate Photography
Founding OTIDO Solutions to fill a void in real estate for an all-inclusive, high-end photography establishment. With the goal of marrying the housing market and his love for making the perfect pictures, we created a one-stop shop for real estate salespeople. In addition to our photographic services, we offer floor plans and corporate headshots and build a personalized property website, ensuring that each client is able to sell their listings and find success. More and more prospective buyers are brought into a property by their first impression; it is essential for agents to feel confident that their property will stand out above the rest so that they can focus on closing the deal.


Product Photography
We are developing and producing a product showcase based on your needs, from individual, group, or lifestyle photos to detailed and packaging shots. The result can give you more comprehensive product placement on all shopping platforms and a superior marketing presence.

Love for perfection and detail-oriented personality ensures that every angle is executed beautifully in photography and every other aspect of the business.

By working with the agent to understand the most important aspects, and we led to success!




OTIDO is known for its stunning photography. In today’s image-saturated market, a successful sales approach demands images that stand out above the rest and attract potential buyers. At OTIDO Solutions, we offer professional photography for real estate and commercial spaces in Toronto / GTA.

Our work goes above and beyond anything that would be considered “point and shoot.” Our real estate photographers take their time to ensure that each space is fully completed before bringing the images back to our studio to be colour corrected and retouched. Using state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lights, as well as innovative retouching techniques, we will give you full-colour, high-definition images that will make your listing outshine the competition. We ensure that every photo shoot considers the marketing strategy of the client so that the textual descriptions and the photographs align.

Make your listing stand out from the crowd by purchasing one of our professional solutions.


HDR Photo

We creating vibrant images for our clients to use to best market their listings. Our professional photographers are fully trained in the HDR method of real estate photography and are able to capture your listings in their best light. The HDR method does not require special lighting so appointments can take about 1 hour. We pride ourselves on the “behind the scenes” process that we have painstakingly created. This process not only allows us to offer same-day turnaround, but it also allows us to offer you the highest quality product available for incredibly competitive prices. HDR refers to “High Dynamic Range.” OTIDO Solutions utilizes a photographic process whereby we combine multiple exposures of the image and combine them digitally afterwards to provide a final photo or 360° panorama that more accurately reflects the amazing tonal and colour range of the human eye. This means that if there’s a view to see out a window… we can show it. This also ensures that, for example, the light fixtures in a room are not “blown out” of view. Please take a moment to review our gallery to see a few HDR examples:

Prices for Packages

Great for properties less then 2,000 sq.f
Great for properties over 3,000 sq.f



Mini Website
Mini Website
Image Slideshow
Image Slideshow
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Up to 30 photos in high resolution

Up to 50 photos in high resolution

Floor Plan1
Floor Plan1

360º Panorama

Neighbourhood / Map
Neighbourhood / Map
Same Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery2

A travel fee is waived if the travel distance is less than 20km from the office located in north Richmond Hill and is applicable for greater distances; the fee is $0.75 per km applied, round trip. 
No travel fees for Richmond Hill, King, and Aurora.

Our standard photography package includes a professional photographer with lighting equipment on location up to 1 hour, and continue to work in studio for achieving best colour correction, distortion control, and retouching.

We offer same day turnaround (delivery) on all of our products, except video and virtual tours, at no additional charge.

1 — Simple Floor Plan with Room Dimensions, no fixed furniture.

2 — Preparation of Floor Plan might take up to 24 hours.

3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour allows viewers to adjust their view and look at a fully immersive experience around a property, look left/right/up/down, and walk through the house. Panorama gives the potential buyer a certain sense of control and allows them to view what they deem to be the most important aspect of the room.

Price starts from $200 for a 3D Virtual Tour.

The 3D Virtual Tour allows the viewer to have a fully immersive experience and to look around the rooms as if they were standing there, with the ability even to look up and down but walk down around the facility!

360º Panoramas

Panorama allows viewers to adjust their view and look 360 degrees around a room as well as look up and down. Panorama gives a certain sense of control to the potential buyer and allows them to view what they deem to be the most important aspect of the room.

Price: $15 per Virtual Tour / 360° Panoramas

The Virtual Tour / 360° panoramas allow the viewer to take the mouse and look around the room as if they were standing there, with the ability to even look up and down!


Other Services

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To set up an appointment for a photoshoot, please call or email us. If you use this page to schedule an appointment, please be sure to include the date and time, location, and size of the property. Someone will contact you back with availability.